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Cilla Manzo PR and Marketing allows you to focus on your business operations. We are your one-stop-shop for Social Media, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Advertising, Press, and so much more.

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Your online presence has never been more important. We provide you with the avenues you need to reach your target market and convert them into loyal customers.

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We provide reporting on every service that we provide. Get stats on your Social Media Marketing, Email/SMS Marketing, and Web Traffic so that you have the tools you need to make important financial and operational decisions.

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Capture Business with a professional website that your customers can view on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Social Media

Have your Social Media be the ultimate tool to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your most important landing pages.

Message Blasts and Flows

Monetize your leads and customers with Email/SMS blasts and automated flows that target specific situations.

Influencers & Partnerships

Get your products in the hands of the most important social media users in your niche, and interact with other brands that will boost your following.

Cilla Manzo PR and Marketing

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