Meet the Team of CMPR

Meet the Team of CMPR

Welcome to our home! My name is Priscilla, the CEO and founder of Cilla Manzo PR & Marketing. With the rapid growth of small businesses and amazing entrepreneurs following their dreams and passions, I quickly realized that there was something missing in the evolving world of digital marketing and agencies were not all evolving with small business needs. With my experience working in-house for a small start-up I experienced these two key factors firsthand.

1. Super Overpriced and Limited 

Though clumped all into the category “digital marketing”, there are so many different areas within digital marketing and public relations that can impact the overall success of your business. Biggest issue is as a small company you may not be able to pay 3 different agencies thousands of dollars each to implement these different areas. Also, your digital marketing and PR efforts should be working as an ecosystem. Though separate, they should still all connect with one another.

At CMPR we provide services from brand development, social media, influencer marketing, email marketing, graphic design, and even website design. I am a true believer that all digital marketing departments must work cohesively together in order to yield optimal results and growth. When it’s scattered to different creatives and professionals it’s hard to achieve cohesion in order to grow, which is why we manage all areas needed to ensure the ecosystem of your business is all working and evolving together.  We have the capabilities to take it all off your hands so that you can focus on doing what you love, the whole reason you decided to start a company to begin with!

2.One-Size Does Not Fit All

Another major issue is that many of the marketing information you research on the internet is very general and at the same time scattered. With all the different resources it’s hard to clue into what will work specifically for your company. From personal experience I would find a case study that helped a brand grow and triple their sales, however when I implemented it, it resulted in no increase of sales whatsoever. That is because, no matter how successful the strategy was for one brand, there is no one-size fits all.

At CMPR we make sure that not one marketing plan created for a client is the exact same as the other. Our team is BIG on A/B testing, relying on the numbers, and then creating the plan that fits your brand.

Wanting to be a full service PR & Marketing agency, I also knew I couldn’t do it all on my own. I needed to bring someone on board whose strengths made up for where my weaknesses lied. Say hello to Carl!

Carl, CMO & co-founder, is the tech savvy and analytical brains of the operations who, too, has experience working in-house with smaller companies. Together with my more creative and growth-hacking knowledge, we are your one-stop-shop for everything your online store or business needs to grow and meet all your wildest goals!

Carl Di Fazio

Carl Di Fazio

Above all else we are here to help spread your vision, your story and what makes your business unique to prospects that will also love your brand.

We want to GROW with you!

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