Viral Post Ideas With No Marketing Budget Needed

When most people think “Viral Posting” your initial thought runs to huge campaigns like White Claw and Sugar Bear Hair, but what you don’t realize is larger corporations such as these have huge marketing budgets and slowly phased out their campaigns to the right target audience that made it go viral.

For a smaller company with little to no marketing budget this may seem nearly impossible, but the key is to continue speaking to your target audience in a way they would most relate to. Here are some easy-to-implement viral post ideas you can do now without spending a penny:

1. Tweets or Memes

Think Wendy’s infamous tweets that gave the brand a new edge. However, whether you are a clever copywriter or not, find tweets or memes that your target audience will also relate to.

WARNING: Don’t just post random popular tweets or memes. You want to only post content that your future customers would like. For example, if your audience is super outdoorsy and loves being active, probably not the best to post a tweet about eating junk food and being lazy.

2. Reposting Relatable Content

Whether a cute dog photo or a beautiful mountain landscape, understand what it is that your audience loves and find related content to what interests them. Look on websites like Pexel for free to use images or repost another person’s photos, however be sure to give credit to anyone’s images you repost that aren’t yours.

3. Following Pop Culture Trends

Have you heard of TikTok? Well if your target audience is young millennials or Gen Z, then this is the app you need to be on. Wear your product in trendy dances or share interesting/helpful tips that relate to your industry.
Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, so be sure you are using apps like Instagram and TikTok daily, then once you find something that can relate to your product/service, act fast! It’s the best excuse to scroll for hours on your phone — call it research.


Killin that 😍 PR director @cillas.closet showing off her sunnies collection 💕 ##damngirl ##likewoah ##topfoxx ##fyp

♬ Woah - KRYPTO9095

PRO TIP: Be sure to always include a Call to Action in your viral posts. Use keywords like “Double-Tap”, “Tag a Friend”, “Save for later” or “Share to your story” to encourage your followers to interact with your brand’s page and boosting it to potential new followers.

These posts may not make your business an overnight success, but you will be on the right track to reach new audiences you haven’t yet reached before.


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